0.6Ohm Neutral Grounding Resistor Stainless Steel Grid Braking For Train Engine

  • Specification
  • Rated Power 1KW-10KW
    Working Current 0.01Ω-1.5Ω
    Tolerance ±5%,±10%
    T.C.R. ±100PPM ~ ±1000PPM
    Inductance Low-inductive
    Frequency 50-60Hz
    Type BXG1
    RoHS Y
  • Series: ZB
  • Brand: ZENITHSUN
  • Description:

    ● The stainless steel resistor is made of low temperature coefficient alloy sheet .According to the requirements of customers,stamped into different sizes and shapes,and combined in series and parallel.
    ● Resistors sheets are separated by insulating material or fixed by shaped high-temperature resistant porcelain pad.
    ● The leading out are stainless steel terminals, which can be tapped for customer connection.
    ● Suitable for AC or DC high current applications,especially for heavy equipment in industries with high impact and strong vibration environment for a long time working.
    ● The rugged structure is especially suitable for heavy equipment in industries with high impact and strong vibration, environment such as port / wharf industrial control crane,mining equipment, oil drilling, construction tower crane and other application fields of lifting, speed regulation, dynamic braking or long-term load.
    ● The unit is an ideal product for continuous use under extreme conditions (high vibration, high temperature and corrosive environment).
    The metal sheet can ensure the continuous use and the minimum resistance value fluctuation.
    ● We can provide you with personalized design to better meet your needs, so as to greatly save space and cost.

  • Quality Management System Certification

    Product Report

    • RoHS Compliant

      RoHS Compliant

    • CE



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