500W Power Wire Wound Rheostat Cement Coated Ceramic Variable With Knob

  • Specification
  • Rated Power 1000W-3000W
    Resistance Min. 0.5Ω
    Resistance Max. 5KΩ
    Tolerance ±10%,±5%
    T.C.R. ±200PPM ~ ±400PPM
    Mounting Panel Mount
    Technology Wirewound
    Coating Vitreous enamel or silicone ceramic
    RoHS Y
  • Series: BC1
  • Brand: ZENITHSUN
  • Description:

    ● BCI series Variable Rheostat is wound with copper or chromium-alloy wire as a resistance element.Except for the slide contact surface,the entire component is coated with high-temperature,non-flammable resin.After cooling and drying,insulation is applied through a high-temperature process.Then,a centered rotating adjuster component is installed,which slide along the resistance element and varies the resistance to the desired value.
    ● BCI series of rheostats has been designed and manufactured to retain high reliability and smooth operation over long periods of use. These rheostats are constructed from a ceramic body with resistance alloy winding and a vitreous enamel coating (or silicone ceramic coating depending on model). BCI rheostats have a metal spring contact arm, metal graphite composition and feature solder coated terminals.
    ● Single unit with multiple winding resistance values is available.
    ● Different ceramic raw material and knobs, made-to-order rheostats available.

  • Quality Management System Certification

    Product Report

    • RoHS Compliant

      RoHS Compliant

    • CE



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