Cemented Coated Low Inductance Resistor High Power Wave Ribbon WireWound

  • Specification
  • Rated Power 15W-20KW
    Nominal value 0.5Ω
    Wire diameter for pins 15kΩ
    Tolerance ±1%,±2%,±5%±1%,±2%,±5%,±10%
    T.C.R. ±200PPM ~ ±400PPM
    Mounting Horizontal mount
    Technology Wirewound
    Coating High temperature, non-flammable resin
    RoHS Y
  • Series: DQR
  • Brand: ZENITHSUN
  • Description:

    ● The high temperature resistance ceramic tube is used as the resistance matrix,is wound with chromium alloy wire ,then coated with high temperature & nonflammable resin for protection to let resistors with better appearance and heat dissipation effect,after natural drying,baking at different temperatures before assembly.
    ● Different assembly & fitting available.
    ● Coated with non-flammable resin in high temperature. Insulation is applied through a high-temperature process and the mounts are attached.
    ● Single unit with multi-resistance/ Multi-terminals also available.
    ● Non-inductive fixed type(DNR) on requests.
    ● Ideal electronic component to be assembled inside high-power load bank for testing for flexible installation mode.

  • Quality Management System Certification

    Product Report

    • RoHS Compliant

      RoHS Compliant

    • CE



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